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At First Light

In the beginning of the Bible, the Beginning of Creation, in the third verse of the bible; scripture reads on day one, (Genesis 1:3)And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. The ‘rub’ comes later on day

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A Wing and a Prayer

To follow my teaching in this article it is important to understand that the Old and New Testaments are always in agreement with each other. It is also important to understand that the Old Testament still applies to Modern day

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The Subconsciously Conscience Christian

What does it mean to be subconsciously conscience and more importantly is it even possible? In my opinion Yes!   What I am referring to is the practice of keeping Jesus at the forefront of your mind’s eye. Make a

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Lost Your Cross?

How many times in your life have you heard someone say, “It’s a Cross that I must bear” or “God will never give you more than you can bear” or something similar in context. These kind of statements made in

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Quail Your Appetite

When the Israelites came out of bondage in Egypt they plundered Egypt (Exodus 12:36-38) taking all the spoils of the land. The Lord also blessed them and healed every living person that journeyed that day.(Psalm 105:37) Not only did they

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Muddy Water Ministers

I am a very avid fisherman to the point that it could almost be a sin for me, “if I were to willing to admit it.” As a fisherman I know that if the waters are clear the fish can

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Marriage Made in Heaven

There is a lot of debate on who or what the bride of Christ is. I am not going to point the finger of theology to say any denomination or belief is wrong. There seems to be two basic theories.

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