Don’t Let Jesus’ Resurrection Pass-U-Over. Part One

Heaven verses Hell picThe bible makes it abundantly clear that there is a Holding place after death for the disembodied souls of believers and nonbelievers alike. There is way too much theology and controversy surrounding topics such as Soul Sleep verses a Conscious Immortal Soul, the Annihilationists theory struggles against an Eternal Torment, Purgatory to Paradise, and conditional Immortality verses unconditional Immortality. These are just a few of the most common faith based battlefields.Unknown Object

  These varied and sometimes conditional theologies have roots founded in the after life, and the long standing belief in Heaven or Hell debate. To make the matters worse the very fundamental, truthful existence, and sovereignty of an inspired Holy Word of God, is laid at the alter of heresy and ridicule.

Scriptures have been ripped from Its immortal pages and plagiarized by both those intending Holy interpretation as well as premeditated Evil acts conducted for the condemnation of souls.

An intentional writing style.

You will find by reading everything I write as a wordsmith for Jesus, my focus is prove the harmony of Old/New Testaments, a uncomplicated wisdom through literal translation. Intentional teachings to show that the whole bible revolves around Yeshua (Jesus) as Emmanuel (God with us). Writhing with the foreknowledge to expose Satan’s intentions to deceive, cloud, water down, and pervert God’s Word and Love to the detriment of mankind.

Understanding that there is a real literal and eternal Heaven and Hell is at the very core of what Jesus and the bible is all about.

Before Jesus’ Resurrection every disembodied person that had died was taken to the same holding place. The Old Testament Hebrew word for the place where the dead go is Sheol. The equivalent and New Testament Greek word used is Hades. Here are a couple of examples from the Old and New Testaments using matched verses.

Old Testament verse: (Psalm 16:10) For You will not leave my soul in Sheol, Nor will You allow Your Holy One to see corruption. New Testament verse: (Acts 2:27) For You will not leave my soul in Hades, Nor will You allow Your Holy One to see corruption.

Both verses are speaking of the same place (Sheol/Hades). These passages also reference the fulfilled prophesy concerning Jesus Christ’s soul and body after crucifixion on the cross.

The Grave and Hell are not the same.

Sheol is found in the Bible sixty-five times. It is translated “the pit” three times, “the grave” thirty-one times, and “hell” thirty-one times. Hades is used eleven times, being translated “hell” ten times and “grave” once.

Sheol/Hades is the place where souls go and are not to be confused with the grave or sepulchre where empty dead bodies are buried, decompose, and turn to dust.

The Hebrew word for “grave” in the Old Testament is queber. Of the sixty-four times it is used, it is translated “grave” thirty-four times, “sepulcher” twenty-six times, and “burying place” four times. Queber is used five additional times as part of a place name, Kibroth-hattaavah, which means “graves of lust.” Sheol is found sixty-four times, being rendered “grave” thirty-one times, “hell” thirty-one times, and “pit” three times.

If this weren’t enough to add to some innocent, however, confused teaching is….two other words are also translated hell in the New Testament. These are Tartarus, which is found once and Gehenna, used twelve times.

Take note of Satan’s attempted perversion of Scripture. Satan has successfully confused most of mankind. Blinded the comprehension and wisdom of some the greatest men of faith. And caused mass confusion to the myriad of religions preaching different doctrines in the world. Doctrines are divided and the lines are drawn in the sand. Each daring the other to cross over or else.

Most through satanic influences eventually conclude that the Bible is in error, obviously mistranslated, and harmony is lost between the Old/New Testaments. This results in a watered down Jesus and His whole purpose of existence.

Homonymic word usage.

The successful confusion and perversion from Satan is by using Anglo Saxon English vocabulary with its own usage against us. English words are all too often used in homonymic fashion. Defined as a word pronounced the same as another but differing in meaning, whether spelled the same way or not. Such as heir and air; as bear “to carry; support” and bear “animal” or lead “to conduct” and lead “metal.” English use of the word Hell is loosely used where the direct Hebrew or Greek words enlighten true Bible Knowledge and Wisdom.

The truth is that Scripture supports that Sheol/Hades included both Hell and Paradise (Abraham’s bosom, or what the everyday Jewish understanding of this period referred to as Paradise). According to Jesus, in between the two was “A great gulf fixed”. So that those who wanted to pass “to and fro” could not. No coming back from the dead. (Luke 16:26)

Stay tuned for part two where we will learn whether or not Jesus went to Hell, while in the Tomb?

What do you think Jesus was doing? Was He even in the tomb?

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Wordsmith for the Lord. Scribing Some Jesus Things as spiritual food to the Saints, and all mortally wounded souls yearning for the Bread of Life. May my ink stain all hidden sin; revealed in the light of Christ. Be a Blessing and Be Blessed.

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